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Surveillance is the covert (hidden) observation of people, places, vehicles, events and activities for the purpose of obtaining information concerning the identities or activities of subjects.  While much of the information gathered by a private investigator is reactive and obtained after the fact, there are many times when evidence or information is best gathered by having the investigator directly view the subject of the investigation as certain relevant events are actually occurring.

Reasons For Direct Observation:

1. To directly observe subject committing crime, civil tort or fraudulent action.

2. To obtain a subject’s description.

3. To observe a subject’s mannerisms.

4. To obtain descriptions of vehicles.

5. To locate concealed objects.

6. To determine subject’s associates.

7. To verify information

Surveillance specialists at McMahon & Associates are tenacious and fully capable in covert surveillance techniques.  Our investigators are equipped with the most up to date equipment and are strategically located throughout the state.  Many of our surveillance investigators specialize in Workers Compensation fraud.  Our clients receive valued information through expert use of video and/or still camera capture.  A fully documented Activity Report will accompany each video submitted to our client.

We offer statewide surveillance investigations anywhere in Florida.   We are also available to take recorded statements from claimants and witnesses.

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