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McMahon and Associates has extensive experience in conducting investigations within the corporate environment.  Our investigators work closely with management, corporate counsel, internal security, and local and federal law enforcement.  Mr. McMahon has experience in conducting complex fraud investigations both internally as part of an in-house investigation of misappropriated funds, or in a civil/criminal context of large scale RICO investigations, as well as uncovering evidence of embezzlement, computer fraud and other financial schemes.  Recently, he has added the capability of conducting Computer Forensics as part of their fraud investigations.

McMahon and Associates has wide ranging experience in conducting background investigations from the simple pre-employment screening to the complex due diligence investigation of large corporations and their employees.

The backgrounds of individuals including determination of assets is conducted by a variety of information database networks, available to the investigative industry, as well as field inquiry.

In June, 2005 Rory, after one year of diligent study, passed the difficult examination for Certification as a Fraud Examiner (CFE); and was so designated by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  This new certification further enhances his credentials and standing as one of the premier fraud investigators in the world.



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