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The IEC Online Investigation Training ( Program was created to offer 2 specific areas of study:

  1. Classes for those interested in courses in Professional Investigation or those seeking CEU’s.
  2. Certificate in Professional Investigation was designed to offer enrolled students the knowledge and skills needed to become an entry level Intern in the field of Professional Investigation. This is the same 100+ hour program, created by Investigator/Author Rory J McMahon and being offered in Colleges around the U.S. The classes are based upon his best-selling books: Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, 3rd Edition (CRC Press), and Fraud Investigation, 3rd Edition (IEC Press); as well as several other books written by Professional Investigators recognized as the premier Investigators working in their fields.

Investigation Education Consultants, Inc.
Professional Investigator Program Course Descriptions

IEC100 – Foundations of Professional Investigation

This course is designed as an overview of this program’s eleven core courses. In this foundational course, the student will learn and understand the basic structure of civil investigation, and will learn how to identify, plan, and implement the type of investigation best suited to fulfill the client’s need. There will be a discussion and case studies on the various types of investigations conducted by PI’s.

IEC102 - Criminal Investigation

This is a course in law enforcement criminal investigation methodology. Private investigators must interact with, interview and cooperate with law enforcement investigators in criminal cases. The student will review and understand law enforcement investigations of homicide, larceny, burglary, sexual assault and robbery. There will be a case study on a homicide investigation conducted by Inv. McMahon.

IEC103 – Background/Due Diligence

This course is an in-depth exercise and practice in the proper methods of conducting background and due diligence investigations. Before any investigation begins there needs to be background investigations conducted on subjects, witnesses, associates and even clients. This course will demonstrate how these searches are conducted.

IEC108 – Legal Investigation

In this course, the student will become conversant with the subject of law as it applies to all legal and civil investigations. The student will study modus operandi of criminals, plaintiff claims and defense strategies. The student will study nomenclature and language of trial law relative to all forms of civil litigation. There will also be an overview and case study of conducting workplace investigations.

IEC200 – Fraud Investigation

In this course, students will learn to recognize all major forms of fraudulent activity, including economic crime schemes and corporate fraud.  Students will investigate and solve frauds involving fraudulent insurance claims, corporate fraud, economic crime schemes, telemarketing fraud, computer fraud, and federal fraud schemes. Student will also be taught how to conduct criminal defense investigations for those charged with economic crimes. Students will be presented with an overview of the fraud schemes and criminals investigated by McMahon during his 47 years career. There will also be case studies of several cases worked as a Fraud Investigator.

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