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Loss Prevention

McMahon & Associates investigators have over a hundred combined years experience investigating areas of internal theft, shrinkage and employee fraud.  We’ve learned that nature and circumstances create a problem for the employer that won’t go away by itself.

McMahon Loss Prevention Resources:

  • Background Screening - Our attack on employee based dishonesty starts with good pre-employment background screening.  We believe that keeping dishonest employees off of your payroll in the first place is the most effective way to begin.
  • Employee Tip Line – The vast majority of employees are honest.  When an employee becomes aware of a fellow employee who is stealing, the honest employee wants to take action but may not have the means to do so safely and anonymously.  McMahon & Associates will establish a toll free tip line for your company operated by third party off premises personnel.
  • Integrity Shops – Also known as Mystery Shops, this form of investigation sends an experienced investigator into your business to determine the honesty and effectiveness of employees.
  • Undercover Operatives – McMahon undercover investigators, whose true identity is known to very few, are hired to work at your firm.  From all outward appearances, these individuals are just like any other employee carrying out their daily work activities.   However, the real difference is in their ability to identify other employees who are costing your company major dollars in loss and shrinkage.

If your firm has a problem that can best be addressed by one of our Loss Prevention Specialists, contact McMahon & Associates today for a free consultation.


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